Music created by Felix Berner aka Kroenen / Kristallwolf / Future Is Bad. Felix Berner is a German musician, who is affected by dark electro vibes of dystopic future dreams and who is in love with Japan and all kind of mystical animes.


Dystopic and dirty future vibes!
(Judge) Dredd inspired uncommercial music created by Felix Berner.
Soundtrack of the dystopic future of Mega-City One!


The Dream Of Arcadia. Music by Felix Berner. Anime and Japan spirit!
Imagine a secret world with magical places and sparkling nights, with a princess in a castle, dangerous woods and a rising evil force, with a hero, fighting for the good and the light, a world, somewhere, between time and space, created by your fantasies, a world which is called Arcadia. Be part of this musical tale - be part of this dream! Welcome...


KROENEN was my music project between 2007 and 2012. I've created a lot of dark and dirty electro vibes during this time.